Intro to TensorFlow

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Intro to TensorFlow
This course introduces the basic concepts of TensorFlow. It will cover topics such as integration, machine learning, and deep learning, as well as the use of libraries on the TensorFlow side. TensorFlow is a modern GPU-based deep learning framework that is very popular in industry and is used by big names in industry-level research. TensorFlow is a high-performance ML framework that is very valuable in HPC applications. This course also covers the use of linear models in TensorFlow.

To get the most out of this course, learners should have access to:
*Pre-bought hardware or recent NVIDIA GTX 1080ti or GTX 1080m video cards
*Basic proficiency with common query language such as Python
*Experience with data modeling and visualization
*Knowledge of machine architecture such as CPU, GPU, and FPGA
*Basic familiarity with Python
*Basic familiarity with client-server architecture
*Knowledge of common data modeling frameworks, including linear models, matrix and array
*Basic familiarity with linear algebra and data manipulation
*Basic familiarity with basic data analysis

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