“Making” Progress Teach-Out

Course Link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/makingprogress

“Making” Progress Teach-Out
In this Teach-Out, you will design a facilitator strategy for a course of your own. You will use the skills you’ve learned in this specialization to help the course’s course facilitator develop a course of their own. You will also use the lessons of this Teach-Out to identify and correct teaching challenges for your own course. This is an opportunity to give and receive Feedback from fellow facilitators around the world.

Please note that the following three events are only open to US students (certified pre-enrolled learners). You may sign up for a certificate at any time during the course.

Week 1 – 10/14/17
11:00 am – Introductory Reminder: To join the waiting list for a course, you must access the course catalog in the catalog section of this website.

Week 2 – 10/15/17
12:00 pm – Assignments: To assign a lesson or project, click on the “Assignments” button on the left.

Week 3 – 10/16/17
12:00 pm – Commissions: To earn a certificate, you must successfully complete the five TAAs.

Week 4 – 10/17/17
12:00 pm – Courses: To complete a project, you will need to purchase the materials and materials suppliers.

Week 5 – 10/18/17
12:00 pm – Feedback: All feedback received on any given week’s lessons are considered final and are not subject to change with time.

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This course is supported by the Batten Institute at the University of Michigan. The Batten Institute is a faculty-led, 20-year-old program that helps students with special education needs globally achieve their academic goals. The Batten Institute was established in partnership with the Global Programme for International Education (GPA-CIV), an initiative of the United Nations Development Program. The Batten Institute is an independent, fee-funded institution that studies and maps literacy and language needs around the world. It organizes education and training programs for G20 countries, and provides the global

Course Link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/makingprogress